Business And Investment Advisory      

Exceeding the expectations of Vu MacKenzie's customers and employees is continuing to expand and strengthen service quality to bring success to customers and stakeholders.

Vu MacKenzie not only understands the opportunities and challenges in the ever-changing business environment, but also carefully and deeply evaluates the factors that create change to adjust the service provided to really suit. with each customer's specific needs.

Vu MacKenzie is confident in his ability to provide professional, high-quality, and specialized integrated "package" services; from assurance services to specialized consulting services in business activities as well as activities of a specific nature. Typical services include:

Services related to bidding/supplier selection       

Bidding is a transparent method to select the best supplier or construction company (in procurement or construction bidding packages), helping the bid solicitor to reduce costs and improve investment efficiency. Bidding is also a mandatory procedure applied to bidding packages for procurement, service provision or construction and installation as prescribed in the Law on Bidding 2013 and guiding documents. In order to meet the needs of customers in the field of bidding consulting, Vu Mackenzie has built a team of lawyers, consultants with experience and skills, in-depth expertise, to meet the requirements. of the Law on Bidding and possessing a training certificate in bidding operations and a procurement consulting practice certificate issued by the Procurement Management Department. With the advantage of human resources and extensive relationships with authorities in the field of bidding, Vu Mackenzie is capable of providing agencies and units with bidding services quickly and efficiently. most fruitful.

Consulting services related to bidding provided by VMK include:
• Training on Procurement;
• Reviewing and Consulting on completed Procurement Documents;
• Formulating and completing regulations on procurement and bidding;
• Consulting, appraising, training and participating in bidding package negotiation will perform
• General advice on bidding procedures;
• Consultancy on preparation of bidding documents, request documents;
• Advice on making bids and proposals;
• Consultancy on appraisal and evaluation of bids and proposals;
• Consulting, support to negotiate, sign contracts;
• Consulting on handling situations in bidding.


For Vu MacKenzie, providing high-quality Verification consulting services is a guideline for our operations as well as those of our clients. Vu MacKenzie provides services to a large number and groups of clients in Vietnam.

Valuation Engineers, experts and senior auditors who are associates of Vu MacKenzie are all equipped with extensive knowledge of construction cost management, auditing and related disciplines, and have experience. richly accumulated through many years of work. These characteristics explain why Vu MacKenzie is famous in Vietnam for consulting services, bringing outstanding added value to customers.

Vu MacKenzie applies scientific technologies, approaches and methodologies in accordance with regulations and guidelines of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Construction for providing services to customers to ensure that those services meet the requirements of clients at high-quality


Vu MacKenzie performs the Service including: checking, reviewing the order and procedures for selection, hiring a valuation organization to determine the starting price for selling shares (Divestment of SOEs), specifically:
• Reviewing the construction of the sale plan, including (i)procedures for hiring a valuation consultant; (ii)procedures for conducting price appraisal, consulting on selling shares; and (iii) establishment of a council to appraise the investor's capacity to buy shares or establishment of the Share Offering Committee.
• Reviewing the organization of widely and publicly offering bids, divesting capital of hydropower projects, and disclosing information widely to investors.
• Reviewing the information disclosure, listing information about the offering at the registration points to buy shares, publicly announcing the list of qualified investors.
• Review the organization for investors to register to buy shares and distribute the Attendance Voucher for the agreement to buy shares.
• Reviewing the opening of bids from investors.
• Review the selection of investors
• Reviewing the process of approving the results of the offering, negotiating and signing the share transfer contract with the winning investor, etc.


Vu MacKenzie performs appraisal services to select investment partners in accordance with the Law on Management and Use of Public Assets and the Law on Bidding; Legal review and evaluation of the implementation results of the Scheme/Project after the conclusion of the competent authority; thereby giving advice, evaluation and comparison according to the regulations of the State for investors to refer to, consider, clarify the causes and responsibilities of organizations and individuals involved in the preparation, appraisal, approve the scheme, decide on the investment scheme/project.

In addition, Vu MacKenzie also considered implementing:
• Support to re-evaluate project efficiency, project stoppage and investment loss value;
• Determining compensation liability for related collectives and individuals;
• Assist in checking and clarifying investment sources and costs during the basic construction process.

Securities and Capital Market Support Services      

At the forefront of Vietnam's rapidly evolving financial & capital markets, we advise and assist financial institutions, securities companies, fund managers, listed companies and unlisted companies in fund raising in the capital markets by primary and secondary issues of securities. The Securities & Capital Markets Practice is closely linked to our Banking & Finance Practice.

Our Securities & Capital Markets Practice includes::
• Compliance advice on regulatory matters for listed companies;
• Initial public offerings by companies in Vietnam;
• Advice on listings of companies in Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) and Hanoi Stock Trading Centre (HNX);
• Due diligence and issuance of legal opinions in respect of Vietnamese laws for international offerings;
• Equitisation & reorganization;
• Corporate restructuring;
• Equity-related fund raisings such as rights issues, private placements & convertible securities;
• Investment fund formation and fund-related work including structuring, preparing, and listing.

Tax Support Services      

Our Tax Practice provides clients with tax planning and tax advice related to all business vehicles in Vietnam. Our tax lawyers advise on corporate income tax, personal income tax (for both local and expatriate staff), VAT, import & export duties, and we work closely with audit firms for tax planning for corporate clients.

Our Tax Practice covers:
• Tax planning;
• Tax incentives and preferential tax treatment;
• Tax disputes and investigations;
• Withholding tax on cross-border transactions and services;
• Capital gains tax for mergers & acquisitions;
• Taxation for real estate & property development;
• Transfer pricing;
• Tax refund (import VAT & customs duties);
• Inward and outward investment structuring.

International Trade and Business Related Services      

As Vietnam is now a member of WTO, EVFTA… and with the increased exposure and further integration into the world economy, VMK has expanded its practice to cover international trade matters. We have worked closely with an international law firm from the US representing local Vietnamese companies in anti-dumping cases, safeguard investigations, and customs audits.

In collaboration with international counsels and auditing firms, our International Trade Practice advises local companies on the following issues:
• EVFTA, WTO… rules & regulations
• International sales contracts and related matters;
• International trade issues;
• Anti-dumping proceedings, countervailing duty, and safeguard investigations;
• Customs & import compliance;
• Export controls and economic sanctions.

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